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NSCA e-News March 2017

Camellia Pisegna  | Published on 3/2/2017

President’s Letter

Almost two weeks have passed since the New York Times article came out reporting CNCS as an agency potentially being recommended for elimination in the President’s forthcoming budget. Since that time we have not received any additional concrete information about that budget. CNCS has reported they also have not received any communication to this affect.  However, we encourage you to continue your legislative education efforts and keep Congress informed of the impact of your Senior Corps programs on your communities.

NSCA has been working diligently over the past several months to conduct our required bylaw review and update. As part of the review process which occurs at least every three years, members will be notified of the proposed changes 30 days prior to the vote. The vote will take place beginning on March 30th and we will send out the specific voting information at that time.

One of the significant proposed changes involves the structure of the presidential pipeline. In order to insure successful succession planning and continuity on the board, there will be a President (P), President Elect (PE), and President Elect Nominee (PEN). Each position will serve a one year term and will be composed of representation from all three streams of service. The PEN will move into the PE role when the PE assumes the Presidency. The positions will be filled by a representative from each of the Senior Corps programs so that there is representation from each program annually.

Please review the proposed by-law changes and if you have any questions contact Ronnie Ault at

As we learn more about President Trump’s proposed budget we will inform you and continue to represent you with our Congressional leaders.

Legislative Update

While the political lineup this year has little precedent, we can share what we do know about the process we are about to face and the information we believe we are about to have.

President Trump's Office of Management and Budget is about to release a FY 2018 Budget for the fiscal year beginning on October 1, 2017.  The apparent deadline is March 13th or 14th.  That plan, along with its purported elimination of the Corporation for National and Community Service and programs under its jurisdiction, will then be taken under advisement by the 12 Appropriations Subcommittees in the House and Senate.

At the same time, the House and Senate Budget Committees will begin in earnest to hold hearings and receive testimony in preparation for consideration of a FY 2018 Budget Resolution which will set forth guidance for spending and revenues.  Once the House and Senate agree on a common Budget Resolution, the authorizing committees begin crafting budget reconciliation language that might curb entitlement programs (Medicare, Medicaid), address tax reform, and practically anything to change the face of government in terms of direct spending and revenues.  The Budget Resolution conference report also allocates a single pot of money to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees who then set to work dividing up that pile among their 12 subcommittees of jurisdiction (Including Labor/HHS/Education where service funding comes from) for action by the 12 "cardinals" (leaders of the subcommittees) before the start of the fiscal year or face a government shutdown.  If the total pot of money is too small, infighting between programs of aid to all constituents creates considerable discord.  The Budget Resolution does not decide the details on line item funding figures; the Appropriations Committees have that daunting task.

Program & Committee Updates


The FGP Committee has been meeting regularly and has recently discussed concerns regarding Senior Corps PRS and PR Lite reports. The committee will review these reports while at NSCA meeting in DC and make recommendations for CNCS consideration.  

The RSVP Committee is preparing to respond to the President’s budget and continuing to represent RSVP Programs throughout the U.S. with a unified voice. 


On behalf of the SCP Committee, we thank you for your continued support of NSCA. We are honored to represent all Senior Companion Programs throughout the nation. Our committee continues to work tirelessly on your behalf.  We appreciate the issues and concerns that you have conveyed to us regarding CNCS mandates, policies, and regulations. Our representation of you and your program concerns over the years has resulted in CNCS requesting a Senior Corps Focus Group meeting in DC with Project Directors in January.

This meeting was truly positive. Directors who attended the meetings, expressed appreciation for the opportunity to share issues of concern to CNCS regarding the future of Senior Corps Programs. The opportunity for programs to be more innovative and creative truly sets the tone for the future of Senior Corps Programs moving in the right direction. CNCS is considering changes to the 80/20 Rule, Minimum Service Hours per week, and Annual Medical/Physical Exam.

We will continue to:

  • Present the pros and cons to CNCS regarding Independent Living Performance Measures with a vision to expand opportunity in other areas.
  • Communicate updates and changes of policies and guidelines to all programs in a timely manner.
  • Support and work with FGP Committee on common issues/concerns as they relate to our programs.
  • Continue educating Congress on the impact of all Senior Corps Programs, particularly the importance and value of SCP in terms of cost savings and quality of life for those who wish to age in place.

Friends of NSCA/Resource Development Committee Report

The two Committees have decided to join into one entity and Tom Endres has agreed to be the Chair. The NSCA board discussed the relationship of fundraising to advocacy for the new “Friends” group. Fundraising is very important, and a top priority at this time, but we also need an active advocacy group as well. The newly formed committee will meet while in Washington DC in March.  If you or some organization you are connected with would like to become a Friend of NSCA, please contact Tom Endres (  Watch for exciting new updates in next month’s E-news.

Board Member Highlight

Jose T. Perez is the Executive Director of Senior Community Outreach Services, Inc. and has been the Director of the Senior Companion Program for the past 42 years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Pan American University in Community Services and Advanced Studies and Certificates from North Texas State University in “Elderly Health”; The University of Texas at Arlington in “Elderly Empowerment” and the University of Texas at Pan American in “Elderly Demographic”.

His mission as Director of the Agency is to work to ensure that all older adults have the opportunity to live independently at home, with dignity, purpose and security and in a friendly elderly environment.

Mr. Perez migrated with his family from Mexico in 1952 who made their home in Weslaco, Texas. His family applied for residency in 1954. The Perez family made their living as farm workers migrating every summer to the state of Michigan picking cherry, cucumber, and other fruits.